happy home

Watching  this scene is both melancholy and  grand. Summer is looking at the same and maybe felt the same way. At her age, her stares, at things new to her seems  to come with deep understanding.

I remember that once I wanted so much to be happy  that I would hastily jump into decisions  that will lead me into that state  where my hearts desires  are granted. Mostly spontaneous things, going here and there, doing this and that and taking more than what is needed. Life was like that up until the time when I wanted dandelions and daisies .

Its true they say that the hype of youth will pass you by – naturally. Its amazing how some  people never outgrows it. While it says a lot of who we are on what makes us happy I can only speak of my own.

On top of the list would be – motherhood.

“My parents understood that the world that they made within the walls of our house was what constituted home. So I grew up in spaces framed by art and color, filled with candlelight, marked by beauty. I grew up within a  rhythm of time made sacred by family devotions in the morning and long conversations in the evening. I grew up with the sense of our daily life as a feast and delight; a  soup-and-bread dinner by the fire, Celtic music lilting in the shadows, and the laughter of my siblings gave me a sense of the blessedness of love, of God’s life made tangible in the food and touch and air of our home.

It was a fight for my parents, I know. Every day was a battle to bring order to mess, peace to stressful situations, beauty to the chaos wrought by four young children. But that’s the reality of incarnation as it invades a fallen world….What my parents-bless them-knew…is that to make a home right in the midst of the fallen world is to craft out a space of human flesh and existence in which eternity rises up in time, in which the kingdom comes, in which we may taste and see the goodness of God.”

Sally ClarksonThe Lifegiving Home: Creating a Place of Belonging and Becoming

I am happy when things are in order, the kind where even if the clutter is there – I still know where to find what I’m looking for. I like the idea of minimalism, quality over quantity and less is more and  somehow, they add up to the list of things  I wanted to master. Cleaning is therapeutic, specially when  its for the comfort of your family.  It is never easy to do specially when you have a toddler who will create a mess every now and then. However, it’s the kind of mess that never bothers and its the kind of mess I will never get tired of cleaning.

I’ve grown up in a home where I see my mama cleaning all the time and my papa fixing broken things instead of replacing them. My days are now constituted in making things organized at home. Not because I have to but because it makes me happy.

Space is a precious thing  waste. You don’t want to fill your house with anything that doesn’t directly add to your happiness.
― Sherry PetersikYoung House Love: 243 Ways to Paint, Craft, Update Show Your Home Some Love 

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